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Saturday September 1, 2018

ACE Arena, Brandon, MB

Viewing at 5:00pm

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Phone:  (204)845-2574

Cell:  (204)886-7274

Box 589   Kola MB  R0M 1B0


2017 Sale Results

Lot #RanchConsignorPurchaserPricePrice Tag
1Flying A Quarter HorsesDenise & Eric AllumPASS  $2,000.00
2JR Performance HorsesJacqulinie Rookes & Travis McCollSCRATCH NA 
3Ranch Hand HeadquartersDawn-Rae & Jim GrayShannon Pirlot $2,700.00 
4Souris Valley Quarter HorsesChelsea ChomaHannah Kutyn $800.00 
5K Bar SKelly & Sandra StewartShauna Peters $975.00 
6Bar S Barrel HorsesSheena & Kevin DunhamJenny Ruml $1,200.00 
7Colleen ChapmanCollen ChapmanSCRATCH NA 
8Flying A Quarter HorsesDenise & Eric AllumPASS  $1,500.00
9Ranch Hand HeadquartersDawn-Rae & Jim GrayJodi Suchoplas $1,700.00 
10Souris Valley Quarter HorsesChelsea ChomaPASS  
11JR Performance HorsesJacqulinie Rookes & Travis McCollJulie Spruyt $2,200.00 
12K Bar SKelly & Sandra StewartTerri Frattinger $500.00 
13Chelsea DridgerChelsea DridgerMike Volk $7,500.00 
14Flying A Quarter HorsesDenise & Eric AllumPASS  $1,000.00
15Paint M PerfectCharity CooperPASS  
16JR Performance HorsesJacqulinie Rookes & Travis McCollJulie Spruyt $2,000.00 
17Souris Valley Quarter HorsesChelsea ChomaPASS  
18Chelsea DridgerChelsea DridgerMike Volk $1,500.00 
19Ranch Hand HeadquartersDawn-Rae & Jim GrayPASS  $1,700.00
20Flying A Quarter HorsesDenise & Eric AllumPASS  $1,500.00
21JR Performance HorsesJacqulinie Rookes & Travis McCollMcGee Livestock $5,250.00 
22K Bar SKelly & Sandra StewartDenise Langford$700.00 
23Ranch Hand HeadquartersDawn-Rae & Jim GrayPASS  
24Chelsea DridgerChelsea DridgerPASS  
25Valhalla 2.0Adrienne & Joe HansonPASS  
26Ranch Hand HeadquartersDawn-Rae & Jim GrayPASS  $2,300.00
27DAC FarmsDuncan Campbell & Cathy GerrandSCRATCH NA 



Terms & Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions carefully.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office.

  • Consignment Fee: $100.00/head, includes stall and 2 bales of shavings
  • Commission: 25% with a minimum of $100.00 and maximum of $500.00  This goes directly to the $5000.00 payout for their futurity year
  • All horses will be penned in individual box stalls
  • If a horse is consigned to the sale but is unable to attend due to injury or sickness we will require a vet certificated stating the reason.  Please contact the board as soon as possible and a substitute may be available
  • No refunds on consignment fees
  • Lot numbers will be drawn by board after application deadline
  • Horses will be sold in catalog order
  • All registration papers and consignment fees must accompany application form, if the paperwork is not in order, and original papers handed in on sale day the board reserves the right to withhold the purchase price until everything has been processed
  • Consignor is responsible for their own feed
  • The board reserves the right to limit entries to a maximum of 3 head per Ranch/Consignor
  • Consignments are to be in their assigned stalls before 2:00 pm on Saturday, September 2 for public viewing availability
  • Consignor is responsible for putting their horses through the ring
  • Consignments that are passed out are subject to $150 pass out fee, but will still be eligible to compete for the purse in their futurity year